1 June 2023


What I give comes back to me.

Chic and Innovative Louis Vuitton Headphone Bracelet

Whenever I roam around the nearby pedestrian street, I can not remove my eyes from these DJs sitting in the rounded glass studio. I used to be their loyal listener in college, and I even imagined myself to sit among them What a magical experience to wear the chic headphones It is as if you suddenly endowed with sweet voice and fluent inspiration. Is it the alike muse that Louis Vuitton Design House received from the stylish headphone worn by DJs and thus comes the LV Headphone Bracelet?

Chic and Innovative Louis Vuitton Headphone Bracelet

You may keep noticed this designer bracelet during LVs Spring/Summer 2010 show. The headphone bracelet is verbal to be an inspiration from New Age travelers Who else has expected this seasons most fashion-forward trimming would be kind of solution of daily using materials? This headphone bracelet is a compound of calf leather, metal and lacquer with innovative magnetic second system. Take a known look and you consign find there are LV signature engraved in the prime of the bracelet and the nails This LV Fashion Bracelet comes out in grey and gold colors. It would be an laudable trappings for wearing the irregular rock look You should not maiden it

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